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This Time for Africa: Oosthuizen wins 2010 British Open

Thursday, July 22nd, 2010

One week after the last vuvuzela finished blaring in South Africa, Louis Oosthuizen shone the spotlight on his country once more by winning the 2010 British Open in St. Andrews, Scotland. And what a win it was! Although the British Open concluded on Sunday we still can’t stop talking about how Oosthuizen dominated the competition and won with such a huge margin! According to golf records it was the largest winning margin since Tiger Woods took on St. Andrews 10 years prior. However, the top prize undeniably went to the best player; Oosthuizen played the tournament flawlessly with an attitude that not even St. Andrews’s high winds could shake.

Even competitor Paul Casey could not resist commending his fellow athlete on how he handled his game throughout the tournament: “”Nobody was going to stop him…He didn’t miss a shot today. I don’t know if he missed one all week. That was four days of tremendous golf.”

To top it off, Oosthuizen’s win also fell serendipitously on Nelson Mandela’s 92nd birthday; a coincidence that no doubt made his win even more meaningful for him and his countrymen.

Triumph of the Underdog: Graeme McDowell Takes US Open

Monday, June 21st, 2010

Was it luck of the Irish or perhaps his familiarity with this type of course that gave Graeme McDowell the edge to win the US Open? Whatever it was, it definitely worked for the guy! The temperamental golf course at Pebble Beach was simply no match for the special brand of skill and tenacity McDowell demonstrated this past week.

McDowell, finishing with a 3-over 74 on Sunday, made history as the first European to win a US Open since 1970. No doubt Kenny McDowell had an especially memorable Father’s Day being able to share in this moment with his tremendously talented son. After McDowell finished playing, an elated father gave his son a hug on the course proudly saying: “You’re really something, kid.”

And I can safely assume we all agree. McDowell played like a world-class golfer all weekend.

Although it may seem like a stretch to some I would like to point out that that this seems to be the summer to celebrate the triumph of the underdog. From Montreal’s unexpectedly strong performance during the Stanley Cup semis to Switzerland beating World Cup favorites Spain last week to McDowell taking top prize on Sunday. It looks like the underdogs are beginning to show their strength to their flashy opponents, and I have to say I am loving it! In McDowell’s case, being closely tailed by players such as Tiger Woods, Phil Mickelson and Ernie Els could have shaken a lesser athlete’s confidence. However, McDowell maintained his focus and determination and played like a world-class champion.

Game for a Challenge: Mike Weir at the US Open

Friday, June 18th, 2010

This past Thursday the 2010 US Open kicked off at Pebble Beach in California. Although the venue’s sensational vistas have been great for spectators, the dry weather and firm greens have been serving up a fast game for the players.

The rigid greens and lack of moisture have been presenting golfers with a difficult game to say the least, but Canadian Mike Weir says he’s up for the challenge. Weir was quoted by the Vancouver Sun confidently stating, “I enjoy that challenge. I’ve done well in the U.S. Opens because I know it’s going to be tough. You know every three-footer is going to be tough.”

Sitting in fourth place, Weir just trails one stroke behind the leaders, but not without a sense of purpose. Since being diagnosed with cancer this past year, Weir’s mother Donna has become a fixed mark for him during these often turbulent games. He spoke about the impact his mother has had on him in a recent press conference saying, “It’s nice because I’m playing for somebody else…It’s always been about me, me, me. What am I going to shoot? It doesn’t matter to me. I love my mom. What do you say?”

How can you lose with that attitude? Let’s go Mike! As always, Canada’s behind you on this one.

The 2010 Masters Tournament

Thursday, April 1st, 2010

Let the countdown begin! Only 1 week until one of the most renowned tournaments in golf – the 2010 Masters Tournament. And this year promises not to disappoint with the confirmed return of Tiger Woods to golf. (I must say, his timing is impeccable!)

At we are so excited that we are here to bring you a rundown of the tournament schedule so you won’t miss a thing!

Monday April 5th – Gates open at 8 am and The Practice Round Begins. Don’t miss Tiger’s interview which is scheduled for 2pm EST!

Tuesday April 6th – The Practice Round continues and interviews with 11 the other players are scheduled for today. David Duval interviews at 2pm, Phil Mickelson at 2:30pm, Geoff Ogilvy at 4pm and Jack Nicklaus at 5pm.

Wednesday April 7th – The Practice Round continues and the Masters Major Achievements Award Ceremony airs at 10:30am.

Thursday April 8th – The Competitive Round commences

Friday April 9th – Saturday April 10th – The Competitive Round continues

Sunday April 11th – The Final Competitive Round

The Year of the Tiger (Woods)

Friday, March 19th, 2010

It seems that we may soon be hearing more about Tiger’s game on the green and less about his personal life. In a recent statement, Woods said he would be returning to golf for the Masters tournament in early April. Despite his unexpected hiatus from golf (since November 27) Woods is still the favorite to win the Masters tournament, already having won 10 major tournament titles and 4 previous Masters Tournaments.

It will be interesting to see the public’s reaction to Tiger’s return to golf. Despite his public apologies, dropped endorsement deals and seemingly genuine remorse, it seems the public is still divided about whether to welcome Woods back to golf or continue to punish him for his personal mistakes. Just by reading some of the online dialog surrounding this recent news story, it seems that 50% of the comments are supportive of Tiger’s return and 50% are sarcastic commentary on his personal woes.

One thing’s for sure though, love it or hate it; Tiger’s back and ready to compete for more titles. His competition better start practicing!

Globe and Mail Golf Tournament

Tuesday, January 12th, 2010

On January 21 – 25, 2010, The Globe and Mail is holding a golf tournament at Doral Golf Resort and Spa in Miami, Florida. This pro-style, 4 round tournament suits both the scratch golfer and the 25 handicapper. Doral’s scoring system will level the playing field for everyone. If you’re interested we suggest signing-up very soon, as there are only 30 spots left!

What it includes:

-4 nights accommodation at Doral Golf Resort and Spa.

-Roundtrip airfare from Toronto.

-PGA format of 4 rounds of golf in 4 days.

-All beer and wine during Globe and Mail activities.

– A personal caddy on Doral’s Blue Monster. An additional $200 gets you the true pro experience by having the same caddy for all 4 days of golf.

-A 90-minute demonstration & clinic with Hank Haney.

-Lower bowl seats at Saturday night’s Leafs vs. Panthers game. Hank Haney will join the group at the game to drop the puck along with one lucky guest.

-Dinner at a hot South Beach restaurant.

-Afternoon 1 hour tune-up lesson at the Jim McLean Academy.

-Night Golf – Doral After Dark – Tame the Monster with a 4 hole tournament.

-Daily updates to the online leaderboard for friends back home.
-AFC and NFC Championship games on Sunday at a local Miami sports bar.

For $2899 CDN per person plus taxes.

If you’re interested in more information, visit: or call 1-877-543-3125.

Tiger Wood’s Golf Club Picks

Friday, August 7th, 2009

It’s that time of year again for to update you on which golf clubs Tiger Woods has been carrying with him on the course. And after winning the Buick Open last weekend, I think you’re just as curious as we are to figure out which clubs are in Tiger’s golf bag.

Tiger’s Driver            
Nike SasQuatch Dymo 380 prototype (10.5 degrees with Mitsubishi Diamana Witeboard 83x shaft)

Nike SQ2 (15 degrees with Mitsubishi Diamana Blueboard 103x shaft)

Nike SQ2 (19 degrees with Mitsubishi Diamana Blueboard 103x shaft)

Irons (3-PW)
Nike Forged Blades (True Temper Dynamic Gold X100 shafts)

Nike VR (56 degrees)

Nike SR (60 degrees)

Scotty Cameron by Titleist Newport 2

Nike One Tour

Nike Air Zoom TW 2009 with Champ spikes

Nike Golf Tiger Woods Collection

Find out what golf clubs Tiger’s carrying with him on all his tournaments by checking the regularly updated list here.

Best of luck with the rest of the golf season!

A Soggy Sight – Rain Delays the 100th Canadian Open

Monday, July 27th, 2009

Rubber boots, birds bathing in puddles and grounds crew armed with a variety of green maintenance equipment were all common sights this weekend at the 100th Canadian Open in Oakville, Ontario. 

An ominous gathering of clouds appeared in the sky on Sunday morning as play was called not long after forcing most players to retreat to the clubhouse before they could even finish their third round. The relentless rain that has plagued Glen Abbey this past weekend has made this tournament the first one to end on a Monday since 1988. 

However, in true Canadian form, Mike Weir and tournament director, Steve Carman, could not help, but poke fun at the tournament’s bout of misfortune. 

Mike Weir joked about the playing conditions commenting that, “…instead of reading the grain, you got to read the current…” 

And when asked which holes were the ‘problem holes’ Carman went to list most of the holes with a wry smile saying: “You would probably be better off asking which weren’t the problem holes.”

Nevertheless, despite the waterlogged course and threatening weather reports the tournament still offered plays for the fans to cheer for. Some highlights included: Mike Weir’s first-ever on tour ace, nine straight birdies hit by Calcavecchia and an incredible 7 holes-in-one throughout the tournament! 

As I check in with, it seems that the weather is beginning to cooperate in Oakville and tied for the top spot are Retief Goosen, from South Africa, and, Aussie, Nathan Green. Mike Weir is 5 shots from the lead and Stephen Ames is 7 shots away.      

Let’s just hope the rain gods smile benevolently on the tournament today and allow the 100th Canadian Open to close before Tuesday!

Lucas Glover Wins U.S. Open

Wednesday, June 24th, 2009

On June 22nd an unassuming Lucas Glover accepted his trophy as the 109th Champion of the U.S. Open tournament stating humbly that, “…something was on my side this week.”

Although, Glover played seamlessly throughout the entire tournament and never lost the lead over the last 12 holes, it seems Glover was not the Champion the people were looking for. With the spotlight locked on other golfers such as Phil Mickelson and what the sports media have called a less than ‘compelling’ storyline; it seems that Glover’s win of the 109th U.S. Open was a bit of a disappointment to golf fans and, of course, his fellow competitors. A stoic Ricky Barnes, who finished tied for second with Mickelson and Duval, looked on as Glover accepted his trophy and tipped his hat to Barnes’s performance during the tournament. A disoriented and disillusioned Mickelson announced that he will likely not attend the British Open and is not certain about when he will return to golf. 

However, after sealing the tournament with a lackluster three-foot par putt on the 18th hole, Glover slowed down to bask in his win and reflect on his performance over the duration of a very delayed and somewhat dreary tournament. A true Southern gentlemen, Glover humbly commented on what everyone must have been thinking, but not saying about Glover’s name appearing next to greats such as Tiger Woods on the trophy.

“I hope I don’t downgrade it or anything with my name on there.”

Although a somewhat anti-climatic win, Glover played a clean and consistent game which was necessary under less than favourable conditions. For a tournament that was plagued by constant rain, Glover’s resilience under such circumstances is worthy of much praise and also the U.S. Open’s ultimate prize. As a NBC sports correspondent so eloquently summarized Glover’s game during his interview with the champion: “Alls well that ends well.” 

You can read more about the highlights of the U.S. Open tournament by searching for the definitive article by the Canadian Press written on June 23, 2009 titled: Glover Wins U.S. Open; Weir and Ames tied for 10th.

Oh, Sergio!

Thursday, May 28th, 2009

Once ranked number two in the world, and known for almost overtaking an ailing Tiger Woods for the top spot, Spanish golfer Sergio Garcia seems to be making quite a stir in the world of golf lately. However, if you’re thinking it’s been about his latest victory on the green, think again.

In fact, it seems to be that the slump that has befallen Garcia has been in the name of love. Yes, you read right, love.

Although he has often been portrayed unsympathetically and criticized in the press for his childish attitude; who knew Sergio Garcia was such a romantic? Apparently though, for Garcia, a bad break up is reason enough to set him off his game. Garcia, who had been dating Australian golfer Greg Norman’s daughter, got the news from Morgan that they would no longer be an item when the couple were in Miami over 2 months prior.

Since then, Garcia has been playing abominably and finishing in the 20’s for tournaments that he won just last year. To add insult to ‘injury’, last weekend at Turnberry Paul Casey (undoubtedly capitalizing on Garcia’s broken-heart induced slump) managed to surpass Garcia; banishing the Spanish golfer to fourth place. This is, no doubt, a frustrating position for a golfer that was singled out to beat Tiger Woods only a few months ago.

In a very candid press conference Garcia had this to say about his less than stellar performance:

“Myself, when I am not feeling happy on a golf course and not up for it, that is the way it is. You can’t do anything about it. I can’t do well. Obviously the break-up with Morgan didn’t help. You get over some things. Others take a little longer.”

One thing is for sure, it is definitely refreshing to see an athlete that is not squeamish about letting the press see his vulnerable side. When asked whether he finds it difficult to handle his emotional woes in the public eye, without hesitation, he replied: “No, I wasn’t sad because my relationship was public because everybody knew about it. I was sad because of my feelings. It is within me. It is in my heart. I am not thinking what other people are thinking about it. I am thinking what I am thinking about it. At the end of the day a relationship is still a relationship.”

However, coming from Spain, a land of bull fighters and Latin machismo, I am unsure as to whether his countrymen will find his delicate sensibilities as interesting as I do.

You can read the full article by John Hopkins and Jack Malvern at the times online here.