Game for a Challenge: Mike Weir at the US Open

This past Thursday the 2010 US Open kicked off at Pebble Beach in California. Although the venue’s sensational vistas have been great for spectators, the dry weather and firm greens have been serving up a fast game for the players.

The rigid greens and lack of moisture have been presenting golfers with a difficult game to say the least, but Canadian Mike Weir says he’s up for the challenge. Weir was quoted by the Vancouver Sun confidently stating, “I enjoy that challenge. I’ve done well in the U.S. Opens because I know it’s going to be tough. You know every three-footer is going to be tough.”

Sitting in fourth place, Weir just trails one stroke behind the leaders, but not without a sense of purpose. Since being diagnosed with cancer this past year, Weir’s mother Donna has become a fixed mark for him during these often turbulent games. He spoke about the impact his mother has had on him in a recent press conference saying, “It’s nice because I’m playing for somebody else…It’s always been about me, me, me. What am I going to shoot? It doesn’t matter to me. I love my mom. What do you say?”

How can you lose with that attitude? Let’s go Mike! As always, Canada’s behind you on this one.

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