Triumph of the Underdog: Graeme McDowell Takes US Open

Was it luck of the Irish or perhaps his familiarity with this type of course that gave Graeme McDowell the edge to win the US Open? Whatever it was, it definitely worked for the guy! The temperamental golf course at Pebble Beach was simply no match for the special brand of skill and tenacity McDowell demonstrated this past week.

McDowell, finishing with a 3-over 74 on Sunday, made history as the first European to win a US Open since 1970. No doubt Kenny McDowell had an especially memorable Father’s Day being able to share in this moment with his tremendously talented son. After McDowell finished playing, an elated father gave his son a hug on the course proudly saying: “You’re really something, kid.”

And I can safely assume we all agree. McDowell played like a world-class golfer all weekend.

Although it may seem like a stretch to some I would like to point out that that this seems to be the summer to celebrate the triumph of the underdog. From Montreal’s unexpectedly strong performance during the Stanley Cup semis to Switzerland beating World Cup favorites Spain last week to McDowell taking top prize on Sunday. It looks like the underdogs are beginning to show their strength to their flashy opponents, and I have to say I am loving it! In McDowell’s case, being closely tailed by players such as Tiger Woods, Phil Mickelson and Ernie Els could have shaken a lesser athlete’s confidence. However, McDowell maintained his focus and determination and played like a world-class champion.

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