Harrington Wins PGA Championship

Ireland’s Padraig Harrington has captured the 90th PGA Championship and won his second straight major. Fresh off his win at the British Open, Harrington fended off Spain’s fiery Sergio Garcia, to claim his third major victory and hoist the Wanamaker trophy.
Harrington managed to be an incredible 8-under par over the final 36 holes by shooting two 4-under 66s. He was a 3-under par 277 total for a two shot victory over Garcia and Ben Curtis to take his second major victory in three weeks. After posting a 4-over 74 in the second round on Friday, Harrington was at 5 over par for the tournament. “I went back and had a look at it and had a discussion with my trainer at home; it was possible that I was dehydrated, “said Harrington about his terrible start. “And that’s what was the lack of coordination. So it gave me something to focus on. If it was the cause or not, whether it was it might have been tiredness, as well. But as least I had something tangible that I could actually pin it on and try and put some effort into it and gave me the belief that if I can get my hydration right, basically my coordination would come back.” he continued. “And whether it was the answer or not, it certainly helped me focus on something, and that was the important part of it.”

In the last three holes at Oakland Hills this Sunday, Harrington was 1-under, while Garcia and Curtis were 1-over and that proved to be the difference. Right when it was getting interesting Garcia had met another all-to-familiar demise in a major. He hit a great approach shot onto the 15th green that tool one short bounce, hit the cup and pin before drifting 10 feet from the hole. If it didn’t hit the pin it would have been a short birdie attempt. Instead, Garcia made a two-putt par.
“Funny enough, I think that Peter Kostis told me it hit the pin and went in the hole and came out to about 10 feet,” Garcia said. “So I went and asked him because I saw the ball jump a little bit to the left and I thought, you know, I wanted to know if it was on the green or not and he told me what happened.”

So in the end, Harrington claimed his third major title and one of golfs most underrated individuals further solidifies his place in golf history. The Irishman finnished off a couragous comeback to be able to put his name on the Wanamaker trophy.

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