Is Tiger’s Business Our Business?

A question was recently posed to me asking what I thought about what was arguably one of the biggest news stories of 2009. The person wanted to know: are Tiger’s marital woes breaking news or just petty gossip? Although, yours truly has already blogged about this very topic I still could not give this person a straight answer, because truthfully, I am not sure. However, I thought it was the perfect opportunity to get some reader opinions. So, I ask you: is Tiger’s marital crisis any of our business?

Those in the promotions department of Nike and Gatorade would likely reply, “Ummm, YES?! It is!” However, those of us who have experienced truly traumatic family crisis might not agree. Who’s right though? There are those who will argue that since Tiger is a public figure who has made a lot of money endorsing consumer products, he sold his image to the public long ago and therefore does not have the right to complain when the public comments on his behavior.

However, others might disagree by attesting that the only area of Tiger’s life which the public should be concerned with is his game on the golf course and that his family and private life are completely off limits. Again, not sure about either arguments, but here’s where I will tell you what I think. Arguments of right and wrong aside, I think it’s silly for Tiger to act for one minute that he does not have a special relationship with the media. The media has helped Tiger make a lot of money in his golf career by promoting the image he portrays in his endorsements. The media is there to report his successes on the golf course. The media and Tiger have a relationship, and although he may not like it, he needs to learn how to work with the media in his favor and not waste time berating the force that has made him as famous around the world as he is today.

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