This Time for Africa: Oosthuizen wins 2010 British Open

One week after the last vuvuzela finished blaring in South Africa, Louis Oosthuizen shone the spotlight on his country once more by winning the 2010 British Open in St. Andrews, Scotland. And what a win it was! Although the British Open concluded on Sunday we still can’t stop talking about how Oosthuizen dominated the competition and won with such a huge margin! According to golf records it was the largest winning margin since Tiger Woods took on St. Andrews 10 years prior. However, the top prize undeniably went to the best player; Oosthuizen played the tournament flawlessly with an attitude that not even St. Andrews’s high winds could shake.

Even competitor Paul Casey could not resist commending his fellow athlete on how he handled his game throughout the tournament: “”Nobody was going to stop him…He didn’t miss a shot today. I don’t know if he missed one all week. That was four days of tremendous golf.”

To top it off, Oosthuizen’s win also fell serendipitously on Nelson Mandela’s 92nd birthday; a coincidence that no doubt made his win even more meaningful for him and his countrymen.

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