Purchasing New Golf Clubs in 2009

I recently attended the 2008 Alberta PGA buying show and had the chance to view the latest golf equipment coming out for the 2009 golfing season. Golf clubs over the past ten years have undergone radical changes thanks to advancements in technology and materials being used to construct the clubs. Manufacturers have managed to maximize distance while increasing playability and forgiveness for all players.

The most advancement is coming in the “game improvement” market. These are clubs that are designed for higher handicap players looking for that extra advantage. With all of these recent advancements, the golf industry has seen manufacturers push the capabilities and properties of golf clubs to the limit in terms of conforming to the rules of golf. Over the last few seasons, manufacturers have been showing products that are very close to what has already been on the market and clubs are all beginning to look more and more alike. We now have to question, are the benefits truly that different from one company to the next?

The truth is that with all the wonderful technological advancements, golf clubs are very close to maxing out their performance characteristics to maintain accordance to the rules of golf. The trick for consumers is to pick a club with the right performance characteristics for your game. It is important to be honest with yourself when looking to purchase golf clubs. A golfer may like the look of a classic forged iron with the traditional clean look and shape, but really how many players with a 10 handicap or higher can really hit such irons effectively. On a miss hit shot you are really going to sacrifice distance and direction. Why make the game harder than it already is?

Make sure when buying new clubs to talk to the sales representatives, especially your local CPGA or PGA golf professional. They can effectively match up your game to the correct type of club you should be hitting. They are also able to custom fit you for golf clubs with the proper shaft flex and lie angle. Buying clubs directly off the “rack” is not usually the best way to go, as those golf clubs have not been specifically fit for your body and swing type. Everyone has different body types and builds so what is good for one person may not be good for another.

The other factor to consider is that with the advancements in golf clubs it is unlikely you can make a bad purchase. It really doesn’t matter if you prefer Ping, Taylor Made, Callaway, Titleist or any other brand. The truth is… that all golf clubs made today are good. The issue for the consumer is what type of club are you comfortable with and what looks and feels good to you personally. Once this has been determined, then it is time to look further into the different options presented from that manufacturer and look into being fit for a set.

Head to your nearest golf course and hit some of their demo clubs and talk to your Pro about them. Have a professional watch your ball flight and your swing. There are so many options for the consumer today when choosing golf clubs, but remember there are no bad choices, just the right steps to follow to ensure you spend your money on the proper equipment for your game. Happy Shopping!

Jay Barrett
Head Professional
Devon Golf and CC
Devon, AB, Canada
(780) 987-3569

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