Results from Augusta: The 2010 Masters Tournament

This past weekend at the 2010 Masters Tournament ended joyfully with a spectacular win by Phil Mickelson, the third Masters Tournament title in his career. In the press conference following his win Mickelson tried to put into words how special this tournament has been for him. Not only did he feel comfortable playing at Augusta (a course he asserts best suits his golf style), but he also had the emotional support of having his wife and three children there with him. And after a tough year where both Amy Mickelson and Phil’s mother were diagnosed with breast cancer, this emotional win offered the Mickelson family a moment of joy to cherish – a moment they will no doubt remember for the rest of their lives.

Although he did not manage to recreate some of that 1992 magic and catch up to Mickelson, Fred Couples still had a terrific week. Couples played aggressively, knowing what he needed to do if he was going to overtake the leader. However, he hit the ball poorly on No. 12, making it slip under the water, along with his chances to bring home a title. Couples admits he had a few bad shots, but he also told the press how much he enjoyed playing on one of his favorite courses.

And the player who entered the tournament with all the promise (and spotlight) shining down on him, quietly disappeared after a disappointing week on the course. It was a very disillusioned Tiger Woods that departed from Augusta on Sunday. When asked when he was going to play next he simply replied that he “needed to take a little time off to re-evaluate things.” To this I might have replied, “More. Time. Off? Really, Tiger?!” With the new controversial Nike commercial, cheeky messages being displayed by planes flying overhead and now his childish reaction to his performance at the tournament, Woods is looking more ridiculous than ever. Especially compared to the courage and devotion of Phil Mickelson who gave his family and fans an incredibly meaningful win this weekend.

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